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random photo [submitted by Mij]
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Random photo:
If you want to submit a strange photo for us to put on this page, click here and specify the URL where we can view it online. No copyrighted images please. And 'Girt', whoever you are, no we will not put pictures of your little 'sex games' on the front page. It scared the hell out of us, just think how it could disturb the sane. We have to think of the children. Won't someone please think of the children?!

Anne Robinson is...
A bitch 9%
Psychotic 15%
Going to take over the world 35%
Wonderful 8%
Pure Evil 33%
Poll results:
Right, it would seem Anne Robinson is destined to control us for as long as she lives, since 35% of you think that she is going to take over the world. Luckily, 8% of the population think she's wonderful (you freaks), and that should just about make up for the fact that almost a third of you think she's pure evil. Which we whole-heartedly agree with.

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